Content Marketing: Why website visitors are not created equally


If your website is not using encryption on all your pages then you’re already hurting your chances of getting ahead online, and the bad news is that things are going to get worse unless you take action soon!

Here’s the problem…

Starting earlier this year Google began putting pressure on website owners to make sure that their sites were encrypted even if you’re not a selling directly online.  They started by promoting encrypted websites in their search results, so if your site is not using encryption you’re going to have a harder time getting found.

Now Google are going to increase pressure on site owners by making their popular Google Chrome web browser actively flag your website as “Not Secure” if you’re not using encryption.  This means that your customers are going to get a very poor impression of your business unless you act quickly to ensure your site is encrypted.

Example of how the warnings will appear on Chrome when they go into effect in October

Even if you’re not selling anything online, or collecting any sensitive information, it looks bad to your customers when they see a message on their browser saying that your website is not secure.  Customers are concerned about their security online.  So, if they see a warning from Google saying that your site is not secure, they are likely not to use it at all.

For you, that’s going to mean less leads and less business from your website!

Eventually, Google’s Chrome browser will not only list all HTTP pages as insecure, but it will also include a red triangle with the warning. To help websites move to HTTPS, Google has produced a set-up guide for interested developers.

Here’s the solution…

The good news is that you won’t need a brand-new website.  You will need some technical updates to your site that include:

1. An SSL Certificate for your site

2. Updates to your website code to make sure that all links are set to go to the sercure version of your website pages


Take action today! Make sure your site is secure! Pick up the phone and talk to us at Big Top Multimedia. He can help you adjust your site so that it’s using encryption on every page.  We’ll deal with all the technical issues and have your site 100% encrypted and ready for action!