Monthly Support Standard

Monthly Support Standard
4 - 16 hours

  per hour

Suitable for businesses or individuals with small websites

How It Works

Typical customers would have one or more small websites requiring some updates each month, and might also run an active monthly email marketing campaign or social media campaign. In addition, we will secure your website against hackers and put in place backup options for disaster recovery.

This package gives customers a fixed allowance of support time, from 4 to 16 hours per month, at a discounted rate. You tell us how many hours you need per month, we'll put a package together for you that best suits your requirements. Each month we'll bill you for your support hours.

As the need arises, we'll update your website, install the latest security patches, and add any content or pages that you need changed. Each of these jobs is logged in our online support system. You'll see when each job was requested, when it was completed, who completed the job, and how long it took.

If you need more hours than your support package allows, you'll be notified that you're going to run over time. Additional hours are charged at a standard rate of €75 per hour. You can change your monthly allowance of hours at any time, so if you need more or less hours you can change support plan.

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