Big Top Multimedia | Finishing touch for the Butlers Chocolate
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Finishing touch for the Butlers Chocolate

The Butlers Chocolate Experience is consistently in the top 5 visited attractions in Dublin, our very own Irish version of Willy Wonka’s Factory. Mixing information and experience from the video kiosks to a view of the factory floor itself this tour is a feast for the senses.

Butlers Chocolates commissioned Big Top Multimedia to add to this experience with the development of the content and application for the interactive touch-screen units on the Tour. Our touch screens allow visitors to find out information about the story behind Butlers Chocolates, and explore a host of related material. Our concept was to create a new, intuitive form of user experience where you navigate the content using animated bubbles that reveal different parts of the Butlers story. You can create your own customised chocolate box, see all the Butlers stores around the world on an interactive map or travel through time with our interactive timeline of the birth of modern chocolate manufacture.

Butlers Experience
Butlers Experience
Butlers Experience

AV Control Systems provided all the hardware for the interactive exhibit which included 4 large format 42” touchscreens with a custom, wheelchair friendly floor mount. Each is powered by a powerful micro PC running an install of our code. Another larger, 60”, screen was also used wall mounted to allow for groups to use at the same time. We have concepts for games developed for future iterations of the screens.

The project demonstrates the ability of Big Top Multimedia to deliver high quality, interactive, rich-media experiences to audiences on a range of platforms outside of the traditional web and mobile devices.

Butlers Chocolates is Ireland’s favourite luxury chocolatier and in 2012 celebrated 80 years of purveying chocolate happiness. Butlers Chocolates employ 250 staff across production, packing, dispatch, accounts, sales and marketing, new product development and Butlers Chocolate Cafés.